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Do you eat fast food often?  What do you choose when you go out?  If you have been through diabetes education, you probably count your carbs.  That is a great start.  Hopefully you are staying around 45-60 grams of carbs for each meal.  That might be a hamburger and small order of fries.  Very small order.  Then you notice that your blood sugar is still high the next day.  What's up?  The fat in the hamburger will "hang on" to the carbs as fat is the last thing to be digested.  Also, diets high in fats will contribute to insulin resistance.  How can you reduce the fat when eating out?  If you get a cheeseburger, you could leave off the cheese to save calories and fat grams.  Do not have mayo with your burger.  Choose a different side that is not deep fried.
Does anyone have handy tips on eating in fast food places.

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